About Engage Health Solutions

Solutions Designed to Ensure Accurate Reimbursements

About Engage Health Solutions

Solutions Designed to Ensure Accurate Reimbursements


Our Expert Team is on your Side.

Engage Health provides curative consultative and technological solutions designed to ensure health reimbursements are made accurately across the entire reimbursement continuum.  Our proactive approach is focused upon early-on identification, prevention and modification of internal practices which frequently result in payment inaccuracies.  Using our unique audit and provider experience, Engage Health deploys a team of clinical, coding and reimbursement policy subject matter experts to analyze, identify and, most importantly, correct payment irregularities.  As a result, Engage Health can improve the financial metrics of health organizations by reducing unnecessary costs, by decreasing the resources required to address inappropriate payments, and by mitigating revenue leakage where inappropriate payments typically occur.

Payment inaccuracies are occurring consistently in health organizations regardless of whether your organization is a health insurer or health system.  Ineffective efforts are expended today to address correcting payment inaccuracies.  Rather, resources are devoted to identifying errors through abrasive, time consuming and costly audit processes or defending against the denials which have resulted from deficiencies in practices and quality control. In either case, the efforts of the organizations performing the audits or managing the denials are not aligned to their client’s needs.  Auditor compensation is typically aligned with claim denials and denial management organizations rely on frequent denials for their revenue streams.   Consequently, similar problems that plagued health organizations a decade ago, remain active today.  It is Engage Health’s objective to break this cycle of payment inaccuracies.

Engage Health Solutions

What Sets Engage Apart

High Value Solutions

With Engage, we deliver customized solutions that drive high returns and value. Our focus, to increase payment accuracy, results in both immediate and long-term revenue increases while reducing expenses. Our solutions are efficient in both operation and cost which lead to high returns for our clients.

Fast Results

Engage uses a lean implementation approach which allows us to demonstrate results in thirty days or less.  Our team understands the nuances of our clients and Engage Health can adapt to ensure implementations are smooth and, most importantly, quick.  We can hit the ground running!

Holistic Approach

Engage embraces an end-to-end approach to resolving the repetitive errors that cause payment accuracy issues.  Our team starts with identification and then we develop actionable and curative solutions to prevent the same from occurring moving forward.  We are motivated by client success!


With Engage, our solutions are not “one size fits all”.  Rather, the team at Engage customizes solutions to meet specific client needs.  The custom solutions can augment existing initiatives or operate independently thereby maximizing results while being fiscally sensitive.

Curative Solutions

Engage has unique experience which allows our team to develop curative solutions to issue where others struggle to determine the core problem. Our solutions are pragmatic and intuitive. Engage corrects the problems which result in repetitive costly errors.

Change Motivated

The team at Engage are motivated to make positive change for our clients.  Where others are incentivized to permit errors to occur, Engage is motivated to execute programs to correct errors and prevent them from occurring again. Our goals are in better alignment with our clients.

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