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Welcome the Implementation Resource Page for Engage Health!

The team at Engage Health utilizes several systems during our client implementations. To facilitate an effective and efficient implementation, the team has pulled together in one convenient webpage, several of the tools most utilized. Your implementation contact will work with you to guide you through the requirements for your deployment. In those situations where additional third-party resources will be required, your implementation contact will walk you through installation using the information below.

File Transfer | Engage Health Solutions


Due to the nature of our engagements, there is the need to share information between parties. This could be medical records, confidential documents or other highly sensitive documents (documents). These documents require special security considerations to ensure confidentiality and adherence to regulations such as HIPAA. To that end, Engage utilizes a secure file transfer system to move the documents from clients to Engage in a secure manner which meets security requirements.


Google | Engage Health Solutions

Google Remote Access

Let’s face it, some people are techies, some are not. In either case, you may need a helping hand to walk you through installations or system problems, the team at Engage can help. Our team can remote into your computer, under your watchful eyes, and perform installations, setup systems, or the like. We use Google Remote support which is easy to use and secure. One the session is complete, there is no further access to your device remotely.

Putty | Engage Health Solutions

PuTTy / PuTTyGen

To facilitate the transfer, ensuring that only the intended parties are communicating is the first step. We confirm our identity through the use of RSA keys. There are two types of keys used, public and private. The RSA private key is used to generate your digital signatures, and the RSA public key is used by Engage to verify digital signatures. If the keys do not match, access to the file transfer will not be granted. In addition, we add an extra layer of protection by requiring an individual passphrase.

To generate the RSA keys, we will need to install a program on the system or systems that will be connecting to the transfer facility. The program name is PuTTy and Engage will use the PuTTyGen key generator tool for creating RSA keys. This process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

File Transfer Programs

To connect to the secure file transfer site, a file transfer program (FTP) is required. Many organizations may have FTP connections for other purposes which they are familiar with. These programs can be setup to make the connection, permitting they meet security requirements. Engage can work with most FTP systems but in the absence of any existing implementations, we recommend FileZilla or WinSCP. It is provided at no-cost, installation and use is easy for most users. FileZilla or WinSCP will permit connection to the remote sFTP server, the ability to access files on the site and transfer capabilities between the client and Engage systems.

FileZilla | Engage Health Solutions

FileZilla File Transfer Program

WinSCP | Engage Health Solutions

WinSCP File Transfer Program